Living a healthier lifestyle

What can you expect from this programme?

Living a healthier lifestyle is something that appeals to most people and it is a goal that many of us would like to work towards. But changing your lifestyle is a big step; if you do not manage to make all the changes you would like, don’t worry - this is completely normal! You may find that your long-term goals are sabotaged by your short-term interests. The rewards of choosing a healthier lifestyle are not immediately visible, whereas skipping your workout and lying on the sofa with a bag of chips is instantly appealing. The instant nature of short-term rewards can make them extremely appealing. But it is really worth putting the effort in. During Coronavirus times, an active lifestyle is particularly important. What are your long-term goals? Which areas of your life would you like to work on to become a healthier person? In this programme, you will learn how to improve both your physical and your mental health.

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