Programme: Young Professionals

1. Gain Insight into What You Want

Think back to your childhood - do you still remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? We don’t necessarily want our childhood fantasies - becoming a professional footballer, for example - to actually come true. As we get older and enter new phases of our lives, fantasies are often replaced by more realistic ambitions. At this stage of your life, you are probably taking steps in order to turn your ambitions into reality - for example, you may be training or taking a course.

Your dreams and ambitions may change as time passes and you may consider changing course. You may well have many questions - ‘What am I going to use my training for?’, ‘Maybe I should just start up my own business?’, ‘Is my work challenging me enough?’, ‘Am I good enough?’. Young professionals often find themselves having these kinds of doubts. This can lead to dilemmas and difficulties in deciding which direction you want to take. Fortunately, there are many ways to put your dreams, ambitions and talents to good use. At OpenUp, we can help you to look at your choices and figure out the best options for you so that you can achieve your ambitions. 

Start by looking at yourself! It is often tempting to look for information about all the possible options, but searching for information can easily lead you to feel overwhelmed - the choices are endless. Instead, try focusing on yourself - once you know what you want, you can take a more targeted approach. Use the exercises described below to gain insight into your dreams and interests from your own personal perspective. 

Reflect & connect

Childhood dreams don’t always come true, but they can be useful. Think about some of your childhood dreams and wishes  - why did they appeal to you? Answer these questions and share your answers with your online psychologist, your partner or a friend:

1. What was your dream job when you were a child? What was it that appealed to you about it?

2. Which three activities did you enjoy most as a child? And what interests did these lead to? (for example: ‘I loved drawing because I always enjoyed doing creative activities’).

3. Are these interests still part of your life today? Are they incorporated into your job or your hobbies?

4. Which of these interests would you like to incorporate into your work?

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