Programme: Coping with Corona

2. Avoiding 'Corona sadness'

Much of the news that we hear each day about the Coronavirus is negative. This can lead to worry, anxiety and negative emotions. Negative emotions and thoughts often centre around things that will or may happen in the future. These thoughts can lead to a diminished enjoyment of things that we used to enjoy and they can make us feel sad. We are now being asked to stay at home and limit social contact, which might lead us to feel that we are alone with our negative thoughts. It would not be surprising if feeling this way tempted us to simply close the curtains and crawl back to bed.

When you feel gloomy, taking on anything new can often be challenging. By starting this programme, you have already taken the first step: you are aware of your emotions and you want to look at your situation in more depth. Below are four best practices that you can incorporate into your life straight away:

1. Make sure that your day is structured. Now that we are spending more time at home and working from home, it can help to create a daily routine. Go to bed and wake up at fixed times and make a plan for each day, even if that just means identifying one thing that you would like to do. That way, you will have an overview of how your day will look and this gives you a feeling of control.

2. Take exercise and be healthy: walking, cycling and online yoga are great ways to keep active now that gyms have closed. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and limit your alcohol intake.

3. Think carefully about what makes you feel happy. Try to do an activity each day that makes you feel energized, or take up a hobby - it doesn’t matter what it is. You might have to think creatively – perhaps you could write a card to someone you care about, listen to your favourite music or try a new recipe.

4. Get support by talking about your situation and your emotions. This can be a challenging step to take, but we know that sharing our emotions is helpful and gives us essential support during difficult times. Have an online video chat with a friend or contact us if you would prefer to speak to a psychologist.

Reflect & connect

1. Can you think of some activities that give you a feeling of satisfaction?

2. Which of these activities can you do today?

3. How can you continue with this activity under the current conditions?

4. Would it be possible to continue this activity virtually?


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3. Finding the right balance

Losing your daily routine can influence how you feel.

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