Programme: Young Professionals

3. A Good Start: Use your Network

“Well begun is half done”. We are all familiar with the expression, but the question is often “Where should we begin?”. In the first two cards we focused on your dreams and your strengths. So, what comes next?

We are going to look at how we can use your environment to help to realise your dreams. You are probably aware of the benefits of using your network. Even the most successful CEOs and directors regularly make use of their network. Who could you ask for help? It can sometimes seem intimidating to involve other people in the process or to ask for advice, but it often leads to new insight and opportunities. The best thing you can do is just to go for it - turn that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’!

Reflect & connect

Answer these questions and share your answers with your online psychologist, your partner and/or a friend:

1. Who do you tend to turn to first for advice? Who would you like to approach to ask for advice now?

2. We often approach the people we feel most comfortable with to ask advice. But these people often have a biased view of the situation. Try to take action and step out of your comfort zone:

A. Think of three inspiring people in your network who you would like to talk to about your dreams, plans and strengths.
B. How can you get in touch with these three people?
C. How can you make sure that you make a concrete arrangement to talk to these people?
D. What questions do you want to ask these people?
E. After the meetings, take note of how the discussions helped you. What can you take forward from this?

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