Programme: Your Career in the Spotlight

3. Wishes, Requirements and Dreams: What is Essential?

You have probably given some thought to your ‘ideal’ job. What would it be? Where would you be working? Who would your colleagues be? It’s always nice to spend time dreaming about all the details!

Perhaps you imagine yourself working on your laptop on a tropical beach, driving a fancy company car or working with a big network of fabulous colleagues. The chances are that the values which you identified in the previous card play a part in your dream job to some extent. In this card, we will be taking a more concrete approach and looking more closely at the idea of dreams, wishes and requirements. 

In today’s society, we often strive for the ideal scenario - we want to be the perfect employee in the perfect job with the perfect employer. This is also the case in our personal lives - we try to have the ideal social life and family life, the ideal partner and the perfect balance. But if we look at things in a more realistic light, we realise that - however much we might want everything to be ideal - we are aiming for the impossible. There will always be some less-than-ideal aspects to our (work) lives. 

The key is to view our ideals not as norms but as a source of inspiration. If you could call the shots, what would your preferences be? What are your requirements, wishes and dreams? We challenge you to make your answers as concrete as possible!

Reflect & connect

Create a summary and share this with your online psychologist, your partner and/or a friend:

Make a summary for yourself:

The essential minimum requirements your job needs to meet. In other words, if one of these requirements is missing, this is not the job for you. These are your absolute must-haves and could concern your salary, travel time, the complexity of your job, your responsibilities or the work culture. What are your requirements?

This refers to things which you would like or which are important to you in a job but which are not absolutely essential - extra values, or ‘nice to haves’. These may cover some of the same issues as your requirements. What are your wishes?

Your dreams are all about your desires and long-term ambitions. You might not know exactly what these are yet and that is OK. It might take you a little while to figure out what your dream is. Dreams are not set in concrete; they can change along the way. But when you do have a dream, it is important to incorporate this into your plans. What are your dreams?

Finally, what are your absolute deal-breakers? What are the things that would significantly diminish the pleasure you get from your work?

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