Programme: Young Professionals

4. Managing your Own Expectations

After many years of study and self development, you are finally ready to embark upon your career. But a few job rejections or a high-pressure new job can easily bring doubts creeping in: ‘Is this really what I want?’, ‘Am I good enough for this?’. These kinds of worries are usually brought on by the high expectations which we place upon ourselves and our work; the growing number of young professionals experiencing the symptoms of burn-out is evidence of this. 

As well as succeeding in our professional lives, we are also putting increasing pressure on ourselves in other areas. We strive to be the perfect partner, spend enough time with our friends and take exercise or spend time doing a hobby three times a week. Ultimately, we let society’s expectations dictate our own ideals. We want to do everything perfectly - a goal that is simply not always achievable. It is important to be able to adjust our expectations when necessary. They don’t always have to be sky-high. This is something that is difficult for many people who are at the start of their career, but it is something we can all learn to do. 

Good Enough is Good Enough:

Reflect & connect

Answer these questions and share your answers with your online psychologist, your partner and/or a friend:

1.What kind of ideal image have I imposed upon myself in terms of my performance at work?  What are my self-expectations at work?

2. To what extent is it possible to achieve all these expectations at once?

3. Now look at the different areas of your life and instead of asking “What is perfect?”, ask yourself “When do I feel satisfied?”

4.How can you adjust your behaviour today to switch from the aim of ‘perfection’ to ‘satisfaction’? 

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