Programme: Coping with Corona

5. Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ at work

It’s official - the intelligent lockdown measures are gradually being eased. While this is giving us a certain degree of freedom, it can also cause uncertainty and insecurity. The rules are clear enough on paper, but in practice they can be challenging. We are all trying to find our way in this ‘new normal’. Many of us are wondering what will happen if we return to work outside of our homes. We may feel anxious about this and wish to take a cautious approach, working at home for as long as we can; or we might  feel relieved about the easing of the strict measures and the freedom this offers us.

Differing views and ways of behaving can be explained by a number of factors: our experiences, our norms and values, our environment and our skills. These factors differ for each of us and are what make us unique. Even though these differences are logical, they can cause tension between us. What are your experiences of this? Which path would you like to take? What are your ideas and values?

As the measures are gradually eased and life changes, our ability to adjust is tested. Allow yourself time to discover what you are comfortable with and what you do not yet feel ready for. And remember: you are not alone. Many people are struggling with feelings of uncertainty - this is a normal reaction to have during this process. 

Don’t forget that other people are also trying to find their way. They may have a different vision to you and they may behave in a different way. They are following their own path and process and the chances are that you will not be able to influence it. Try to simply accept this and let go. 

In this situation, communication is essential. Good communication helps to ensure that everyone gets the space they need and that boundaries are not crossed. Have a discussion so that everyone can make their own individual needs clear and make sure that everyone respects these needs - we are all different!

Reflect & connect

Answer these questions and share your answers with your online psychologist, your partner and/or a friend.

1. How are you finding the easing of measures and how is it affecting your work environment?
2. Are you finding it difficult to adjust to the newly-relaxed measures? Or are there measures still in place which you are not comfortable with?
3. How are you dealing with changes in your work environment?
4. Make a list of points which are important to you as you return to work. Are there practical ways to deal with these?

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