Programme: Young Professionals

5. Learning to Work and Other Challenges

You have survived the stressful rounds of interviews and now you have finally landed the job. During the induction period, you still have time to have coffee with your colleagues as the work pressure usually builds up slowly. But as time goes on, your knowledge will increase as well as your level of responsibility; this brings with it all the complexities associated with working together with colleagues as part of an organisation. Complex projects, unclear expectations, flexible work spots, high workloads, politics and collaborations with other disciplines and generations - it is a lot to take in.

Don’t forget that ‘learning to work’ is a big challenge for many people. Many of us find it a big change and it can take a while to adjust. We tend to worry about everything, allowing our anxieties to escalate in our heads. This makes it very difficult to handle all the things we need to deal with. Whether they are big or small, we all come up against these challenges!

Be kind to yourself. We are often very hard on ourselves when it comes to judging our performance at work, but the truth is that everyone experiences the challenges associated with ‘learning to work’ to some extent. Give yourself time and space to keep learning new things.

Keep asking questions: you don’t know everything yet - that’s completely logical. It’s always OK to ask questions. Everyone at your work will have been in the same position as you when they first started  - it is normal to need some help when you start a new job. Use your curiosity to learn and gain information. 

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”
- Zig Ziglar (Personal Development Expert). 

Reflect & connect

Answer these questions and share your answers with your online psychologist, your partner and/or a friend:

1.If you are about to start working, what do you expect to find challenging? If you have already started your job, what challenges have you encountered since starting work?

2. How do you handle these challenges (or how do you plan to handle them)?

3. Work is not always a bed of roses. There are bound to be aspects which are less enjoyable. Accept that it can take some time to feel at ease in a new environment. This is part of starting a new job. 

A. Schedule a moment of self-reflection three months from now:
B. What is going well? What are you struggling with?
C. How have you developed over the past three months?
D. What are your wishes for the future?
E. You could also discuss these points with your team leaders or with another young professional. You may well find that they are experiencing similar challenges.

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