Programme: How to sleep better

5. A Task for You: Sleep Diary and Setting a Goal

We each have a unique sleep pattern - no two people sleep in exactly the same way or in the same rhythm. In order to make a real change to your sleep pattern, you need to chart your sleep. In this card, we would like to set you the task of looking closely at your sleep pattern and evaluating it so that you can gain insight into what you need to do to improve the situation.

Are you ready to take action on your sleep pattern? We would like you to take a notebook and write your own sleep journal for the next seven days. In your journal, you will keep track of the important aspects of sleep. See below for an example format - feel free to adjust the format based on other factors which may be important to you.

Sleep Journal

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Update journal each morning

What time did I go to bed?

What time did I fall asleep?

How frequently did I wake up and for how long?

What did I do when I woke up?

What time did I get up?

How many hours did I sleep (approximately)

Update each evening

How many naps did I take? How long was each nap?

What did I do today? What happened during the day?






Reflect & connect

1. Take a good look at your journal. Do you notice anything interesting?

2. Which was your best night’s sleep? Can you see a possible reason for this?

3. Which was your worst night’s sleep? Can you see a possible reason for this?

4. What could you conclude from this?

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