Programme: Young Professionals

7. Stay True to Yourself

The person you are today is influenced by many factors. It is partly down to your genes, but it is also determined by your environment - your upbringing, your friends, what you chose to study, your hobbies, your beliefs, your norms and values etc. All these factors come together to make you who you are. And that is the person who you take to work with you every day!

Your personality and your interests are likely to have had a huge influence on your life and the position you are in today. This starts in secondary school, when you choose the subjects you are interested in; choosing what you would like to study or what job you want to do is no different. However, when it comes to choices about studying and careers, there may be other considerations such as your future prospects, the opinions of others, societal expectations and your environmental social norms - all factors which can cloud your ability to make decisions. It can really help to ask yourself : “Why am I doing this? Is this what I want? Who am I doing this for?” Trying to prove yourself to others will only wear you out in the long-term. 

You will find it a lot easier to make the right choices if you stay true to yourself. This can sometimes be challenging; you will need to be brave! But you might as well live for yourself, make choices for the right reasons and stay true to yourself - after all, you’ll be spending the rest of your life with yourself! Be genuine. What drives you? What do you want to achieve? What is important to you? These are difficult questions; there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. But it can be helpful to give them some thought.

Reflect & connect

Answer these questions and share your answers with your online psychologist, your partner and/or a friend:

1. Ask yourself these questions: What is important to me in life? What are my values? Click here for a list of values.

2. Are there any other specific values which are important to you at work?

3. Are these values present in your current job? How could you better integrate these values into your work? If this is not possible, can you think of some other organisations, jobs or people that fit with your values?

Would you like to take a closer look at your values? Try the “Living the Life you Want” programme. 

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