Programme: Learning to think differently

7. Sharing thoughts is healthy

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You have practised sharing your thoughts with your online psychologist and/or a friend a few times now. How did it go? Before you shared your thoughts -  or perhaps as you were sharing them - you may have been bothered by the ‘passengers’ we met in card 1. If one of those passengers kept calling out that there were dangers on the road ahead, it wouldn't have made sharing your emotions any easier. You may have experienced the ‘thought-reading’ thinking error - “this person doesn’t want to sit and listen to my problems”(card 4).

Are you aware of passengers/thinking errors that hold you back from sharing your thoughts with others? Share your answer with your online psychologist or a friend.

It can be really hard to share your thoughts and/or emotions with others. We are not used to putting ourselves in a vulnerable position, but it can be a really powerful thing to do.

Watch this short film with Brene Brown about the power of vulnerability. (duration: 20:04)

Tips for sharing your thoughts

  • Choose the right moment

  • Pick a friend with whom you feel trulyreally comfortable

  • Let your friend know what you need from them in advance - for example, perhaps you just want someone to listen to you 

Reflect & connect

Share the following questions with your online psychologist and/or a friend:

1. Who are the people with whom I feel comfortable
In my private life?
At work?

2. Share your emotions with somebody close to you this week

3. At the end of the week, think about:
What went well?
What did I find difficult?
How did I feel afterwards?

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