Programme: Living a healthier lifestyle

9. Conclusion

This is the final card of the ‘Healthy Living’ programme. We hope that the programme has helped you to gain new insight and that you now know how to get started with making positive changes in your life where necessary.

Whether you have read the entire programme or just a part of it, we would like to invite you to plan a consultation with your online psychologist to evaluate the programme.

If you would rather evaluate the programme with a friend or your partner, answer the following questions:

  • What is the most important lesson you have learned from this programme

OpenUp believes that it is really important to practise every day. We sleep, eat, drink and brush our teeth every day - looking after our mental health every day is essential, too. We need to practise every day in order to make these new tools a habit.

  • Which tools have you got the hang of?
  • Which tool or exercise do you plan to practise daily to get a good grasp of over the coming month?

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