Coping with Corona for healthcare professionals

The Coronavirus crisis is an extremely challenging time for anyone working in a crucial job. Workers in essential roles keep our society functioning during this period. These professions carry a particularly high level of responsibility and it is completely logical that this can lead to stress, worry, anxiety and negative feelings and emotions. 

What can you expect from this programme?

Due to all the measures which are currently in place, our usual daily structure has disappeared. You are still working - probably more than ever before - but life is far from normal. You may well be feeling that you are losing your grip and suffering from uncertainty and insecurity. Perhaps your usual work structure has changed - you may be working in new teams or with different colleagues. Or you might be struggling to cope with the increased number of patients needing care at this time. You may also feel that you and your colleagues are powerless as you try to fight this unpredictable and fast-moving virus. You might encounter ethical issues as well as having to deal with logistical challenges. Everything is on edge at the moment, but one thing is clear - this is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if, at times, you feel as though you are sprinting, you need to be prepared for the long haul. 

It is quite normal if this extraordinary situation should lead you to feel stress, anxiety, uncertainty and negative emotions. These emotions are a logical reaction to the drastic events which you are currently experiencing - this kind of reflex is inevitable.

How ever much we would like to change this situation, we cannot. The Coronavirus is a long-term problem, and its impact is huge. We would like to support you and help you to identify the areas which you can influence as well as giving you some tips for handling this chaotic and difficult situation.