Handling Emotions

In this programme, you will learn what emotions are and how you can become aware of your own emotions. We will be taking the first step by practising methods for regulating emotions.

What can you expect from this programme?

Love, fear, joy, anger, sadness, surprise, shame, disgust - our emotions are inextricably bound up in our lives. We experience these emotions as a result of the things that happen throughout the day, whether they are pleasurable or undesirable. Of course, we all hope to live a happy life, but setbacks are inevitable. When we feel angry, scared or sad, our emotions can be overwhelming. Our thoughts run wild and we may feel a strong desire to escape the emotions we are feeling. But experience has taught us that the more we try to suppress our emotions, the more overwhelming they tend to become. Think of a boomerang - the faster you throw it, the faster it comes back to you. Emotions need to keep moving, otherwise we become caught up in them - it is no coincidence that ‘emotion’ has the word ‘motion’ in it. You may well be finding it challenging to address these issues - it is never easy to put yourself in a vulnerable position by looking inward - but doing so will bring many positive benefits in the long-term! Would you like to step up to this challenge with us? Our psychologists are here to help you. 

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