Programme for Long-Term Care Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis

The important role of workers in hospitals is currently - quite rightly - receiving a lot of media attention. But now we would like to focus on you. Care workers in nursing homes and care homes, home carers and those caring for disabled people have crucial roles, too. If you are in one of these roles, you are also a frontline worker in the Coronavirus battle. Your job is challenging and high-responsibility at the best of times, but now the pressure has gone up to the next level. 

What can you expect from this programme?

Residents, patients and clients (from now on referred to as ‘clients’) cannot receive visitors at the moment. This means that the demands on you as their carer may be higher than usual. Your clients may be struggling with anxiety, sadness, anger and uncertainty during these times. You may be the only person who can give them the attention and reassurance they need. You may also be dealing with a higher number of deaths than usual, making this a particularly difficult time.

On top of this, your workload has increased due to the extra precautionary measures which you need to employ for some procedures. It is likely that volunteers who would normally be helping you cannot work at the moment, which puts even more pressure on your time. You are probably dealing with lots of questions and phone calls from concerned family members - including some who may feel resentful about the measures and policies which are currently in place - as you are the first point of contact for them. It is your job to try to provide constant reassurance. In other words, there is a huge amount being asked of you during these challenging times.

You may also be concerned about your own situation or feel scared or angry about having to work in unsafe conditions and with a shortage of protective equipment. You may have problems in your private life. Perhaps you are not getting enough social contact due to the high risk of infection. There is a lot to deal with and this situation is bound to put a great deal of pressure on your reserves of adaptability and perseverance.

You will instinctively tend to care for others before you think of yourself. That is a wonderful thing, but in this programme we would like to focus on your needs. If you wear yourself out, you won’t be able to look after anyone else. It is really important to take your own needs into account, too. We would like to give you some tips for getting through these tough times.

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